3 Stage High Pressure Inflator Stainless Steel Manually Compressor Pump,4500psi 300bar 30mpa For PCP Paintball Air Gun Hunting

3 Stage High Pressure Inflator Stainless Steel Manually Compressor Pump,4500psi 300bar 30mpa For PCP Paintball Air Gun Hunting
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Oписание продукта

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Item Specifications :

  1. Power 220V/50Hz
  2. Work pressure 30MPa/45
  3. RMS power 1.8kW
  4. Compression stage 2
  5. The speed is 2500 rpm
  6. Water cooling and air cooling
  7. Net weight 18.5kg/s
  8. 5W40 synthetic oil lube oil
  9. 20 kilograms of gross weight
  10. Explosion wave peak 32 MPa
  11. Package size: 500 x 490X310mm
  12. security setting
  13. Low pressure / high pressure
  14. Decibels 76dB
  15. Maximum pressure 40MPa
  16. The maximum temperature is 70 C





1: The machine must be used to add water.

2:Pay attention to oil oil level, should be in the red dot on the edge of the place to appropriate.

3: The pump is 0 pressure start. If you need to stop at the time of use. Start again when the pressure relief screw loose. The pressure inside the machine to let go after the start.

4: Pay attention to the use of temperature, generally not more than 65 degrees.

5:Do not unauthorized transformation, not by the repair of technical personnel other than people to break down, maintenance.

6:Before use, please ensure that the plug board can withstand more than 8A current, or it may be due to overload the socket caused the circuit burned, the product is damaged or dangerous.

7:The machine just after use do not touch the nose    part, so as not to cause burns.

8:Please do not leave when inflated, or may not fail to work because of failure to shut down in time, resulting in continued rise, the motor continued to overload or even stop the product caused damage.

9: For a slightly larger volume of containers when inflated, every 30 minutes after the replacement of a cooling water, so you can better control the cylinder temperature.




1: This product has the excellent quality and convenience you expect.

2: Product configuration high pressure rubber hose for multiple use.
3: The product uses the stack of parallel bars two compression, displacement, inflatable fast, not only can be used for diving fire cylinders can also be used for cars, trucks, trucks and other models.

1: Remove the product and install the hose in the air outlet. Note: Check the thread hole is a gasket, tightening the appropriate pressure to avoid deformation of the gasket caused by air holes blocked.

2: Install the pressure gauge
3: Connect two cooling pipes and connect the water pump. Note: Pumps for submersible pumps, need to immerse the pump in water.
4: Put the pump into the water and turn on the power, and then test to ensure that the cooling water normal cycle.
5: Connect the container that needs to be inflated and check that the connection is correct.
6: Loosen the relief valve.
7: the machine connected to the power, and then boot.
8: tighten the relief valve, normal inflatable.
9: inflated should be completed when the first release pressure relief valve pressure relief in the power, and finally remove the container connector. This avoids sudden damage to the product due to sudden high-pressure gas recoil, which delays product life.



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