Handmade Luxury Pendant Necklace Women Headwear 999 Sterling Silver Vintage Banquet Jewelry Butterfly Flowers

Handmade Luxury Pendant Necklace Women Headwear 999 Sterling Silver Vintage Banquet Jewelry Butterfly Flowers
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Guizhou 999 Sterling Silver Necklace Chocker Handmade Miao Silver Jewelry Homemade Angel Butterfly Silver Necklace

We only make pure handmade 999 Silver jewelry! Miao people were the earliest rice-growing people, and they planted rice in ancient times. In primitive society, the Miao people used leaves as clothing, caves or tree nests as their homes, and the transition from maternity to patriarchy was reflected in many ancient Miao songs. Miao people can be traced back to the legendary age of Yanhuang, about five or six thousand years ago. Yandi and Huangdi developed from west to east along the Yellow River and fought with Chiyou in Zhuolu area successively. Chiyou defeated Yandi first, and then Yandi and Huangdi jointly defeated Chiyou. After the defeat of Jiuli Group in Chiyou, most of them migrated southward, beginning the migration history of the Miao people. The legend of Chiyou is still widely spread among the Miao people. They always believe in Chiyou, especially its ancestor. The totem worship of Miao nationality is an important model of silver ornaments. Among all kinds of silver ornaments, images containing witchcraft and belief occupy the main position of ornaments. In ancient times, war broke out everywhere, and the people lived everywhere. In order to carry their own property conveniently, the Miao people made silver into jewelry for easy carrying. Moreover, most Miao people live in southern mountainous areas and other places. The air is very good but humid. Wearing silver jewelry can remove the moisture in the body, which is good for health. Most importantly, the Miao people believe that the silver ornaments with totems can be used to ward off evil spirits.

The silver ornaments of the Miao people have been passed down from generation to generation, and the long process of migration and war has left an indelible mark on the Miao people\'s life, which has been settled for many years. They still remember the difficulties and dangers of their ancestors\'migration and battle, recall the scenery in their migration, and worship their ancestors\' bravery and tenacity. Therefore, their silver ornaments reflect the Miao people\'s long-term war, migration process and migration culture.

Thousand Miao Villages Xijiang is the largest Miao village in China and even in the world. It is located at the foot of Leigong Mountain in the northeast of Leishan County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, southwest China. It is the most complete place to preserve the "primitive ecology" culture of the Miao people. It is a place to appreciate the long history and development of the Miao people in China. Xijiang has a well-known silversmith village, Miao silver jewelry are all hand-made, its technology has a very high level. Thousands of years of culture have made Miao people integrate art into their lives. Today, we display the products made by pure handicraft, not only selling a commodity, but also spreading the Miao people\'s wishes for a better life. We have seen a lot of industrial products. Now, let\'s go back to the original, to the handicraft products. This is not only the pursuit of high quality products, but also our pursuit of exquisite life attitude.

We only make pure handmade 999 Silver jewelry!

1. 999 Silver VS 925 silver: 999 Silver refers to the pure content of silver 99.9%, 925 silver refers to the pure content of silver 92.5%. 2. Simple method of discrimination: pure silver has a high density, the same volume of silver is heavier, can be distinguished by measuring the quality. 3. Maintenance method: 999 Silver due to its own characteristics, the texture is very soft, need to be carefully worn, try to avoid contact with detergents, wash hands, bathe, laundry, dishes do not wear. Also try to avoid touching hard objects, because silver jewelry scratches easily. If the silver jewelry is yellow and has no luster, it can be wiped with soft cloth dipped in toothpaste at ordinary times, then washed and dried with clean water, or directly wiped with silver cloth. 4. What is Miao Silver? Early Miao Silver is generally moonwhite, its brightness is not as high as pure silver, mainly because it contains impurities. Miao silver is lighter than 925 silver because of its copper content. Most of the Miao Silver circulating on the market now is white copper. Miao Silver is a kind of ornament made of white copper, and then coated with a thin layer of silver on the surface of these ornaments. The effect of Miao Yin is exactly the same as that of real pure silver. But pure 999 silver can be washed permanently, and Miao Silver can not.