Electric Heating Natural Sea Salt Heat Pack Moxibustion Physiotherapy Warm Palace Bag Waist and Leg Health Massage

Electric Heating Natural Sea Salt Heat Pack Moxibustion Physiotherapy Warm Palace Bag Waist and Leg Health Massage
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Is mainly used in the neck and shoulder discomfort, waist sour backache, palace cold pain, arthritis, etc.

Double - double sea salt - bag design, double - side diffusion, double effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine nursing, alleviate pain, is healthy and good gift.

The soft fabric is soft, comfortable and easy to clean.

Intelligent timing, 9 kinds of temperature, thermostatic temperature control system, after selecting the temperature, the heating film will be heated.

Double insulation heating sheet, insulated wire is wrapped in multi-layer flame retardant material.

Two overheating protection devices, the temperature is too high automatic power off, give you double protection.


Some beneficial substances, such as sea salt and Ay Tsao, are dispersed into the body by heat.

Main component is a Chinese herbal medicine, sea salt can hairdressing to raise colour; The tourmaline can release far-infrared electromagnetic waves to promote blood circulation.

It is suitable for heat application in multiple parts of the body.

Will be heated sea salt bag wrapped in abdomen, several temperature control can be used in different areas.

Using the power cord separation design, can separate heating sea salt bag, unplug the power cord after temperature appropriate, hot compress.

Double overheating protection, double-sided flame retardant cotton, temperature control protection.


Product brand: MZ

Product model: MZ-MR002

Rated power: 50W

Rated voltage: 220V

Gross weight: about 2.7 kg

Product color: purple/brown

Outer material: Soft and insulated flannelette

Use time: suggest 30 to 60 minutes each time


4. Warm tips

Don\'t drink cold water or shower or wash your hands in cold water for half an hour after a hot compress. Avoid large pores and get cold.After the hot compress after should drink more warm water, improve heat effect.Tip: each time in the morning and in the evening, no more than half an hour each time.

5. Daily maintenance

①.The product coat should be washed separately, cleaned with neutral washing products and gentle hand cleaning.

②.Please disconnect the power supply first, and the inner surface should be cleaned with a soft cloth.If there is dirt, please use soft cloth with diluted detergent or detergent, wring it dry, then wipe dry with a absorbent cloth.

③.If the product is not used for a long time, please keep it in a dry and ventilated environment。


①.The product are only for indoor use.

②.Do not insert sharp damage products.

③.Do not use during sleep.

④.Do not fold during use.

⑤.Do not sit, press, lie on the product.

⑥.No cloth is not available.

⑦.Do not use more than 30 minutes of hot compress (prevent rashes) and do not soak.

⑧.People who can\'t live by themselves or those who are not sensitive to heat can\'t use it alone.

⑨.Check the power cord before use. If there is any damage, you cannot use it.

⑩.This product is hot compress product, the wound swollen is not suitable for use.

11.It is forbidden to cover the product in the heating process, and it is forbidden to be heated in the bed to avoid causing the fire.

12.It is forbidden to heat the hot pack on leather products, which can cause the leather to become discolored and deformed.

13.Because the coarse salt is easy to absorb moisture, after use, should put in airtight bag, if wet serious want to be in the sun to bask in, use finished want to disconnect power.

14.During the heating process, someone should be supervised to avoid touching the children. The time of single heating should be 15-30 minutes, not more than one hour.


This product is daily household maintenance products, non-medical equipment!