Stable semi automatic food vacuum sealing machine DZ 2SD vacuum packing machine, vacuum food sealer

Stable semi automatic food vacuum sealing machine DZ 2SD vacuum packing machine, vacuum food sealer
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Package Included:

1vacuum sealing machine

1connecting pipe

1user manual (English)

1start kit (10*20cm x 26cm bags)

Due to the advent of fresh keeping machine

Let food freshness extend for 3 to 5 times

Let you buy the cost of the bag to save 3-5 times

vacuum sealer-made in Qingye Qingye will pay its most attention to save you every penny.


This machine uses smooth bags (like as picture,smooth bag cheap than grain bags). The grain bags can only be sealed and not vacuum.



Are you still in the purchase of the bag to worry about it? Are you still in expensive for the cost of the lines bags and worry about it? 

It can pumping all bags such as yin and Yang bags and anti-static bag. You don\'t need special bags so you can bid farewell to use special bag machine, The cost of bags will be very low. Professional for you to create every penny of genuine goods . This technology has been applied for a patent for invention, Qingye personnel have product patents.

Qingye can make food freshness extend for 3 to 5 times

Power strong vacuum sealing

Separate seal Soft vacuum Saving cost


Qingye Retain freshness,  Fresh Life

fresh-keeping :Lock the nutrient, avoid the absorption of food, Prolong the preservation period of food

Healthy:Reduce the degree of fat oxidation,prevent food moisture mildew, prevent the two pollution of food

It has 5 innovative features

Qingye DZ-280/2SD let the food not only keep fresh and but also effective to consolidate the food nutrition


Strong driving force

Strong "core" pumping fast, high vacuum, and continued to maintain -0.45Kpa

Sound small such as filaments, less than 30% of the industry

Transformer pure copper wire, durable coil 50 million test, no fault

Electromagnetic pump non contact, non bearing, life 8-10 years, maintenance free


vacuum seal

Simple operation, quick pumping speed and strong sealing effect.

It can be used ordinary vacuum bag, low cost, maintenance free

Energy saving copper transformer, continuous work one day only 0.6 kWh

Package a pack of product only need 20-30 seconds, it can be pumped about 150 packs a day.


Separate seal

Flexible sealingVacuum pumps are not required to start the vacuum seal which is a non - destructive seal with a high efficiency of only need 3 seconds.

Adjustable seal:Adjust the time according to the thickness of the bag, the upper limit of 9 seconds, the lower limit for 1 second.

Intelligent prompt:LED flashing seal long, buzzer alarm to remind the work of the end

Digital display design:Simple and intuitive, controllable temperature, strong sealing effect


Soft vacuum

For soft products such as bread, red dates and so on, you can manually control the vacuum pressure


It has multiple safety protection design and up to 5 layers of heat insulation protection layer so that the machine is always in a safe working range of work.

The heating wire is 28 centimeters, the sealing width 4mm so the sealing is very solid.

It is the separation design. The heating wire, sponge, high temperature adhesive tape and other accessories can directly replace without need to return the replacement. It is very simple and convenient.




Achievements of the glory of the industry, in order to create a brand of fine quality technology

This machine and other machine difference: beautiful shape and small, strong and durable. It can pump water\'s products and no special bag products. It can pump in the market for common vacuum bag, bag of Yin and Yang and electrostatic bag so that you can completely farewell to use the special bag machine. The cost of bags will be very low. Professional for you to create every penny of genuine goods .


Qingye brand has 20 years\' manufacturing experience in China. We are for the survival by the quality, service win the market. Qingye has focused on the vacuum packing. Now it has become a professional production and sales of vacuum packaging machine manufacturers.


Qingye Retain freshness, Fresh Life


Delivery time : in 7 days, arrange delivery according to the logistics of the customer\'s order.

If you need a 110V machine, please leave a message.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!