1500W Electric fan room heater air heating space warmer fans household heating device heat ventilation Sonifer

1500W Electric fan room heater air heating space warmer fans household heating device heat ventilation Sonifer
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  1. This Pool Thermostat  are special used for small pool, massage pool and hot spring to heat and keep warm; Meanwhile, can be a assistant for hot pump in heating(mainly Thermostat, heating function is a little)
  2. This product adopts latest constant temperature controller- -temperature sensor replaces traditional magnetic flow switch, it improves greatly of trouble free in working time, adaptability of water environment and stability


1.  Mobile-temperature sensing technology

A. The sensor is always under the control of the microcontroller, accurate and timely monitoring of the entire heating system temperature conditions, water flow, to ensure that users set the water temperature while ensuring that the heating element in the appropriate water conditions to work reliably.

B. No mechanical switch sensor - to avoid a series of mechanical switch failure caused by the failure of the switch.

C. To avoid the accumulation of calcium (scale), magnetic substances, hair and suspended solids caused by the failure of the sensor.

D. Reduce the cycle of water in the non-heating process - to extend the life of the circulating pump, but also more energy efficient.

2.  Intelligent self-test system.

Fully monitor the operation of the system, and quickly make the appropriate judgments and display, so as to avoid poor water flow, dry water and other failures occur, more user or maintenance personnel to fault diagnosis and maintenance.

  1. Heating thermostat liner material for the 316 # stainless steel, and the end of the Code Baker provided by the electric tube, good corrosion resistance (chlorine corrosion)
  2. Thermostat liner of the special design, good liquidity, do not hang slag, easy to disassemble.
  3. Easy maintenance of the machine, easy replacement of electrical original, less external lines, low installation costs
  4. The thermostat is simple, easy to observe, the overall appearance.
  5. The thermostat has multiple protection, safe and reliable - over-current, ultra-high temperature, short circuit on the power supply, water protection.
  6. The machine on the heating tube segmented start - the power line of the current impact is small, does not affect the other household appliances and electronic products, the normal operation
  7. Waterproof touch controller


  1. Model:ST-5.5
  2. Input voltage:220V
  3. Power:5.5KW
  4. Current:25A
  5. Phase(N-):1
  6. Pipe Diameter(inch):1.5
  7. Wire:3*6mm²



1 x Set of 5.5KW Pool Thermostat